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Individual meeting
Mediation session
£120 an hour
Mediator certificate

Mediation Voucher Scheme pays £500 towards mediation sessions discussing children. We will access funding for you. Does not cover individual meetings. 

All sessions are held by video-call for your convenience. 

No VAT to add.


Contact us with any questions, or find detailed information below.   

Video Consultation

Individual meeting

Individual meeting (commonly called a ‘MIAM’): £95 each.  Duration is usually around 45 minutes.  This is a private and confidential session just between you and your mediator.  You will receive detailed information on your options and together with the mediator will agree a plan and next steps.  


There is no charge for our administration work after your individual meeting, such as contacting and discussing mediation with the other person in the dispute, and keeping you updated. 

£500 Mediation Voucher

A government grant of £500 for joint mediation sessions about children. We will apply for the grant for you. There are no financial eligibility criteria; it is a one-off grant; it does not cover the individual meeting cost. 

Mediation Session

Mediation session (where the £500 Mediation Voucher has been spent, or mediation is regarding financial matters only): £120 per hour, per person. 


Mediation session fees are the same for joint sessions or ‘shuttle’ sessions (‘shuttle’ is where you do not see or hear each other directly). 

There is no charge for general assistance such as email updates and arranging sessions.

Mediator Certificate

Mediator Certificate (signing court forms such as the C100, Form A or FM1): £20. 


You must first attend an individual meeting with a mediator (commonly called a ‘MIAM’). 

Formal Documentation

Formal documentation, such as writing up your agreement: starting from £120 per person.  The cost will depend on how detailed your agreement is.  Your mediator will discuss this with you so you can make an informed choice. 

Children Inclusive Mediation

A conversation between a mediator and your child(ren) to give them the opportunity to express their views, feelings and suggestions.  Starting from £120 per person.  Cost depends on how many children are to be consulted.  Your mediator can provide an estimate in advance so you can make an informed choice.  The £500 Mediation Voucher can be used for these costs. 

Example of Total Cost of Mediation

It is difficult to know in advance how smooth or difficult discussions may be, so these examples cannot be taken as exact estimates for your individual situation. 


Mediation about arrangements for a child:

Example total cost per person: £215

Individual meeting: £95 each

Mediation Voucher covering £500 of joint session costs (£250 each)

Writing up agreement in a Parenting Plan: £120 each

Total: £215 each


Mediation about property and finances on divorce:

Example total cost per person: £625 - £875 each

Individual meeting: £95 each

Financial disclosure meeting and summary document: £240 each

Three hours of mediation sessions to discuss options and reach agreement: £360 each

Writing up your agreement: £180 each

If your discussions cover arrangements for children, we’ll apply for the £500 Mediation Voucher (£250 each). 

Total: £625 with Mediation Voucher, or £875 without the Voucher, each.


For comparison, legal representation at court for child arrangements usually start from £8,000.  Court action regarding financial matters on divorce usually start from £12,000

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