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Grandparent Mediation

Family separation and divorce can be a challenging time for all involved, and children’s relationships with extended family can sometimes suffer.  If as a grandparent, you are having difficulties maintaining relationships with children in your extended family, and communication has become difficult or stopped altogether, we’re here to help. 


At Online Mediation, we’ll start by offering impartial advice about all your options.  Where helpful, we will work to improve or restart communication.  If joint mediation is needed, we will organise and run a session for you.  We are experts in assisting everyone to voice their point of view and to work together to solve issues.  Where age-appropriate and agreed by parents, we can speak privately to children so their wishes and feelings are heard. 

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Our Grandparent mediation service is affordable and convenient.  All appointments are done through an easy-to-use video-call.  There’s no need to make travel arrangements - you can join your appointment from home on any computer, tablet or smartphone.  We’ll make all the practical arrangements, and be at the end of the phone to resolve any technical problems.  To help with the costs of mediation, we’ll apply for a Mediation Voucher on your behalf.  The Voucher is worth £500 and is available as a one-off grant for all mediation involving discussions about children.

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