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Family Court Applications

No-one considers going to court lightly.  Our expert mediators can guide you through all options to make sure Family Court is necessary.  Judges want to be sure all other reasonable routes have been explored first, and we will assist with this.  Our expert mediators are available to assist with court-recognised individual meetings, commonly called a ‘MIAM’.  


If mediation isn’t appropriate or successful you’ll receive a Mediator Certificate (£20 fee - no VAT to add).

In court

Our individual meetings (commonly called a ‘MIAM’) are available with our expert family mediators by video-call.  Our fee is £95 (with no VAT to add). 

Click 'Book appointment' below for your individual appointment.  Or we're very happy to answer any questions, so feel free to get in touch - click 'Contact us' below.  

Contact us today with any questions you may have.
Or start now by booking an individual meeting.

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