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Divorce Mediation

Divorce is one of life’s biggest challenges, practically and emotionally.  It’s usual to occasionally feel lost, uncertain and at times overwhelmed.  Most people reach out for some support and guidance during their divorce.  Divorce mediation offers expert practical help, while minimising conflict and cost.  It may be that you and your spouse have dedicated to separate and want assistance to think about options and help navigating the legal process.  Sometimes there can be disputes and even heated conflict.  Issues can range from how to best support your children and what their living arrangements should be, to how to sort out property or pensions. 


Mediation can assist with all issues that can arise for you, your children, and your finances during divorce.  This includes impartial practical help with how to navigate the legal divorce process; support in jointly making arrangements for children that will suit their needs; and legally negotiating financial matters. 

Divorce Mediation

Online Mediation specialises in divorce mediation.  All our mediators are experienced in supporting clients to reach legally binding agreements.  See our pages below on mediation for child arrangements, and for financial matters.  We will assist you to manageably work through each topic at a pace that suits you both.  Mediation starts with an individual meeting with a mediator (commonly called a ‘MIAM’ session), where we can walk you through the process and learn about your circumstances and your aims. 

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