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Property and Finance Mediation

It’s good sense to make a formal agreement covering money matters when you separate or divorce.  But navigating the law and negotiating an agreement can be challenging.  If you want to keep costs down and work out agreements in a civil manner, we’re on hand to help.   As specialists in property and finance mediation after separation, we routinely broker agreements over property, savings, debts, businesses assets, pensions and all other aspects of your financial life.  By making sure your discussions cover the correct process and legal steps, we will help you reach proposals that you can make legally binding at court. 


Mediation is available for married and unmarried couples who have separated.  We can assist whatever stage of divorce you may be at, whether pre-application, or even if your divorce was finalised years ago.  You could still be living under the same roof; sometimes a bit of help at an early stage can set you on the right track. 

Working with Financial Documents

Mediation supports both of you to resolve disagreements and navigate the legal process, while keeping you in control of the big decisions.  You’ll work with one dedicated mediator, expertly trained and experienced in handling financial matters.  They will guide you through the necessary legal steps.  This includes ‘financial disclosure’, where each person shares financial information, ensuring fair negotiations can take place.  Mediators will help you think through a range of options, and you’ll settle on a proposal that meets both of your needs.  Agreements are formally written up, so you can make them legally binding.  The first step is an individual meeting with a mediator (commonly called a ‘MIAM’ session). 


Online Mediation leads the UK in offering clients affordable professional mediation.  We’ll support and guide you with video-call appointments and email updates every step of the process.  Our experienced mediators can cover every aspect of your financial situation, ensuring final agreements are comprehensive.  To start, you’ll book an individual meeting (sometimes called a ‘MIAM’) with a mediator.  This mediator will guide you through the whole process and be your direct point of contact.  The individual meeting costs £95 (no VAT to add to any of our prices).  Joint mediation meetings are charged at £120 per hour, per person.  Our affordable rate is 14% lower than the industry average.  And we’ll never charge for admin work like phone calls and emails.  Writing up formal documents starts from £120 per person depending on the complexity of your situation - your mediator will give you an estimate before starting any work. 


If you need to discuss child arrangements as well, you will qualify for the government’s Mediation Voucher scheme.  It’s a one-off grant of £500 towards joint mediation session costs.  There’s no financial eligibility criteria, and we’ll apply for you after you each have an individual meeting.

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