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Free legal information from AdviceNow

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AdviceNow is a charity providing free and reliable legal information. We regularly recommend their guides to our clients. Below, colleagues from AdviceNow explain how they can help:

"If you are going through a difficult time with your family, Advicenow’s free legal information resources can support you through it, alongside the family mediation process. 

"These days getting help from a solicitor is financially difficult or even impossible for many. With this in mind, Advicenow aims to help you with the knowledge, skills and confidence that you need to navigate your way through your separation or divorce, to a happier future. 

"As you prepare for or go to family mediation with your ex, you can use Advicenow’s survival guides to help you better understand divorce, how to divide the home and money when you divorce, and how to agree where the children will live and when they will see their other parent. 

"You can steadily work your way through the free resources at your own pace so that you are well-informed and more confident about what the law says and how it affects your family situation. In turn, this can help you feel more confident and focussed in your mediation sessions. 

"To help people going through this process Advicenow has teamed up with Resolution to help you get low-cost fixed-fee legal advice from a panel of expert family law solicitors at the most crucial points of the journey. Some legal advice on your position can really help the mediation process, giving you a better sense of what to ask for and how to work out if your ex’s proposals are reasonable. You can read more about this at Getting affordable advice from a Resolution solicitor via Advicenow.  

"If you really need to go to court about a financial settlement or go to court about where the children should live, Advicenow’s How to guides can help you through the process and reduce the stress and expense. They also have helpful videos on going to court without a lawyer, preparing your financial statement for settling who lives in the home and how you divide your money and what to do about pensions when you get divorced." 


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