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Parenting Apps - AppClose

AppClose is a Co-Parening App with a free option. Although Online Mediation does not make recommendations, we have heard positive comments from many clients on this app. Below is the link and content from AppClose. The app is available for both Andriod and iPhone.

"Simplify your parenting schedule, make audio and video calls, share expenses, make payments, and maintain secure text communication.


Reliably text the same way you always have with anyone connected to AppClose and enjoy the convenience of having all of your parenting communications in one location! This includes the ability to group chat, communicate with your attorney confidentially, and export any communications between you and your contacts if needed for any reason. Additionally, and in order to keep accurate records between parents, chat conversations between co-parents cannot be altered or deleted (unless both parents delete their AppClose account).

"Audio & video calling:

With audio & video calling, you can hear, see, and talk to other users in real time, no matter where you are, when both parties enable audio/video calling!

Have a quick question?

Running late for pick up?

Need to discuss an important topic related tо the kids and it’s too much to text?

Just open your app and call! AppClose automatically documents every attempted, missed, and completed call in case you ever need it. Don’t want to receive calls? No problem. Just keep your audio/video calling features disabled and you’ll never receive unwanted calls.


Need to be reimbursed for medical expenses or extracurricular activities? Need to change a drop off time or swap parenting days?

Submit your requests to the other parent or a third party through AppClose and get notified immediately when your request is approved, paid, or declined. Scanning receipts or attaching documentation related to requests is easy and can be done exclusively by using the app! AppClose even facilitates payments through ipayou, our built-in payment solution, making it easy to stay on top of financial obligations.


Get paid and send payments for expenses within seconds using ipayou, our secure, built-in payment solution! From activities to medical expenses, it’s a lot to keep track of, especially when child-related expenses are often split between two households."

Online Mediation will amend or remove content in light of feedback we hear from our clients. The information provided is to assist our clients in reviewing options, and we do not make recommendations.


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