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What is a MIAM?


MIAM is a legal term and stands for ‘Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting’.  At Online Mediation we call it your individual meeting.  It’s a video-call session, usually around 45 minutes long, with a specially trained and registered family mediator.  You’ll discuss your situation, aims and options.  With the mediator, you’ll agree a plan forward to tackle the issues in dispute.  After your individual meeting (MIAM) the mediator will contact the other person in the dispute.  The mediator will introduce themselves, explain how mediation can help, and invite them to attend an individual meeting of their own.  The overall aim is to help all involved to discuss issues and come to an agreement.  If another route is more suitable we’ll advise you.


The individual meeting (MIAM) is private and confidential.  It’s an opportunity for each participant to share any concerns and ask questions before committing to joint mediation sessions.  The mediator will also use their skills and experience to independently assess that joint mediation is going to be safe and appropriate. 


We charge £95 for a MIAM.  The industry average is £120 and often much higher.  You may be able to get your MIAM for free if you are on certain state benefits and qualify for Legal Aid funding.  Online Mediation doesn’t offer Legal Aid so you’ll need to enquire elsewhere if you think you might qualify. 


If you intend to apply to Family Court, you’ll first be expected to attend a MIAM, so explore all options.  There are limited exemptions from this ‘MIAM requirement’, listed on the Family Court website here.

It is the Family Court, not mediators, who decide on whether a claimed MIAM exemption is valid.  If you intend to apply for an exemption but are in doubt about whether you fit the criteria, you may wish to enquire with the Family Court.  If your exemption is declined, we are able to assist with a MIAM session.  Our MIAMs are always individual and private. 


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